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Ambient Energy

Whilst the industrial age has been created through the tapping of non- renewable resources of minerals and fossil fuels, which are now being depleted by excessive exploitation, there are and always will be permanently renewable resources all around us, which can be used to replace most of the essential needs to sustain the ‘modern’ way of life indefinitely.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is development in every sphere of life that is independent of depletion or degradation of the natural environment, and essentially generates, harvests and recycles materials and energy continuously.

Population growth has multiplied world demand for the benefits won through fossil fuels to the point where these finite resources will be depleted, and everything dependent on them will fail, if suitable sustainable alternatives are not used.

The alternative technologies for harnessing renewable ambient materials and energy are well known - some like the sun, wind, water, gravity and bio-fuels have been ubiquitously used for ages.

Others like atomic energy, hydrogen, fuel cells, water fuel cells, Stanley Meyers water fuel cell, photovoltaic energy, and energy transfer, as with water fuel cells, photovoltaic panels, radio waves, micro waves, and heat pumps, are now well developed and capable of completely replacing fossil fuelled options.

All of the technologies for sustainable development are already being used to support life in extreme environments – aircraft, submarines and spacecraft - and are now used in high performance buildings to meet new energy efficiency standards. There are no technical reasons for continuing to produce unsustainable developments in any field of life.

There is however a dichotomy for modern economies based on the exploitation of the non- renewable materials and products, where investments to own and control supplies underlie the whole economic system based on market supply and demand of those finite resources. There are several right wing conspiracy theories – as well as left wing conspiracy theories­ about the fossil fuel industries defending or deliberately destroying zero-energy systems’ technology.

By its nature, ambient energy and materials are free, only the added value of their conversion into useful products being marketable. The modern capitalist market system cannot tolerate free products and services, since it cannot profit from them.

The exception to this is the co-operative ownership of the means of production, which is the model for sustainable development, where all benefit from the savings.


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