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The industrial age needs to free itself from dependence onnon- renewable resources

of minerals and fossil fuels, which are now being depleted by excessive exploitation, Further economic growth needs to be achieved through therenewable resources

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is development in every sphere of life that is independent of depletion or degradation of the natural environment, and essentially generates, harvests and recycles materials and energy continuously.

NEGAWATTS is a measure of sustainable development in terms of ZERO CARBON demand.

The alternative technologies for harnessing renewable ambient materials and energy are well known - some like the sun, wind, water, gravity and bio-fuels have been ubiquitously used for ages.

Others like atomic energy, hydrogen, fuel cells, water fuel cells, Stanley Meyers water fuel cell, photovoltaic energy, and energy transfer, as with water fuel cells, photovoltaic panels, radio waves, micro waves, and heat pumps, are now well developed and capable of completely replacing fossil fuelled options.

By its nature, ambient energy and materials are free, only the added value of their conversion into useful products being marketable. The modern capitalist market system cannot tolerate free products and services, since it cannot profit from them.

When Negawatts Equal Megawatts, Demand Response Blooms - contrary to the perceived dichotomy for modern economies based on the exploitation of the non- renewable materials and products,

More and more industries are realizing the benefits of negawatt ambient energy, since not only does it make sense environmentally, but for energy users it makes good economic sense.

Both corporate industries and co-operatives can reap the benefits of negawatt energy as the means of production. Similarly the benefits of using local ambient water, and renewable biological resources for the production of everything from food and clothing to building and transport systems to communications systems are possible.


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